A message from Pan

Callanish stone circle

I am Pan,

That mystical creature of literature, timeless but always current in every age and in every world. I live as I have always lived; free to be what is needed in the period of time that I live.

I exist at the edge of reality, a "light" calling you to enter a living and breathing new world. A world of birth and return and challenges conquered. Of times spent in the pain that comes with each changing age. I live and I grow just as you do, but stay closer to the places that exist, not only in the imagination of mankind but also in the world where I live. In reality, both of them are the same but each is accepted differently.

As you know, every being has a purpose to fulfill and with this challenges that must be met. I, being who I am, may keep these things from happening or not. Still, I do what must be done to encourage every being to be what they must be.

I live not only in your garden but in all the gardens of the entire world. I exist to serve the Great Goddesses who rules the Plant Kingdom, taking orders only from The Mother (Nature) who lives inside us all. She alone holds the fate of all mankind and so, also holds the fate of you who are reading this now.

Many stories have been written about my timely illusions... my well planned tricks and I must admit that at times I have "stepped out" (dallied with) with many beings that might not seem acceptable to your way of thinking. Rightly so if those that look for that in a relationship don't use it for their wants and needs. Yet in doing so, I have learned about life and love...ah love, is quite available to everyone on any path they have chosen.

I live in my world but work with beings that are all around you too. As I work, I use what I know to advance the learning and acceptance of all beings in this world.

This world, caught somewhere between here and there, is very different than the one you live in. As cold as yours may be at times, the joy of our world sends out a warmth that lights our lives and encourages us to grow, to renew and begin again... each new life.

As Cheri, the writer or should I say channel for this book has found, I will come whenever I am needed. Just ask for me nicely and I will appear. This may not be in the worldly form you would expect, but rather in subtler ways...but then again, maybe not.

Many of you have seen me in different forms and have written about me for centuries. Others have only heard the words I have to say. Yet each of you has an idea in your mind of what I should look like and so when I appear I often take on that image.

I offer myself to everyone and to no one; because I do what I know is best for those that I serve. I can become very mean if you hurt them because I am the Guardian of Nature, and She alone is my master. I am her servant and She rules all beings in this world. No matter who or what you may be...or know, no matter how much you have, She is still everything. No one else can give you what you need to survive.

I in turn, work with the various Devas (as you call them) and through them connect with the Nature Spirits (or members of the Elemental Kingdom) that are needed to control the growth of the planet. We all are connected to Nature and without each other, neither of us would exist.

In times of trouble I am called on to soothe many an angry, shall we call them "Sister", in ways that you could not understand. Yet they are calming to us here and this will sometimes stop their rage or their indecision they have in a matter that may concern you and your world.

Many of the Devas here are quite experienced at dealing with the challenges that are brought to them and each assumes the job that She accepted on her journey though our world. They all report to others that rule them and reluctantly know that they are never better then the ones they rule. True fairness is something that everyone in this world has. So it is that one being is no better than another...just performing a job that is different and more suitable to their own qualifications.

I am Pan, and I know I have said that I believe I have more qualities that are needed here than most of the others that exist here. Yet, I also know that I answer only to the "One That Guides Us All" and if I were asked, would give it all up to please her. As of yet, I am still here and still solving the problems that are given to me.

Throughout history I have been represented as a kind of "rogue". I still insist that this is an image thought up by those that dream of lustful (sex crazed) beings on lonely nights. It is true that I have had my share of "encounters", many of which may have been seen on nights when the moon is full. Yet each one of these happened in their own place and world, connecting only at the time when it was needed to bring both worlds together.

Before, when the world was young, Nature and man ruled as one. Things were different and these exchanges were normal, but greed and the ability to control things... over years and centuries, even eons of change, brought about things that severed this connection and are now laid to rest in the legends of the past.

I live as I always have, but your generation does not. The legends and the lives of those men of long ago are told in myths and yet in these stories the seeds of truth are there and they did exist in the world before.

I long for those days when men and Nature lived together. When all things were free and every being knew the part they played in the world. In the times when each grew with the knowledge of the others lives and the challenges of each others goals were the challenges of both. Those days have changed forever but Nature is the same as She has always been... The same as She will always continue to be.

Changing my thought, I will now talk about the interaction between Nature and man and the relationship they have with one another. As man evolves, Nature is pushed further into the background. Needless to say, soon we will no longer be what we need to be, and everything will change...and not for the better I might add! To stop what is the true "nature", of Nature... to raise mans notion of what it "should be", is to change the way the world is as you know it. To put her in the background and into a biological factory is to relegate yourselves to extinction. To manipulate the Mother...the Earth that gives you life, is to destroy everything that lives on it. Not that this hasn't been done before!

In Her glory, only She tells who and what can be done to Her world.

I live in a different world so this doesn't affect mine but in yours that "not too pleasant" ending will take place if the changes do not remain Hers and Hers alone!

All this is well and good and yet in my time and in this world I have seen many changes and through these changes came the growth that brought more changes. Though many will have to die, others will come and it will just happen all over again.

Wake up, my friends, to the glory of Nature. Communicate with all of it around you. Listen to more than the wind that howls in the winter. Listen instead to the softness of your "Sister" the breeze, gently blowing through the trees. Feel her caress your skin. Feel the warmth of the sun on your shoulders as you walk though the gardens that wait for you at every turn. Notice, yes notice, the flowers that bloom for you, the different colors, and their fragrances. Accept with gratitude, all the food that through countless ages have been given to you by the Nature Spirits that work so hard to give you what you want. Be happy for the calming effect the waves have on you and for all the beings that live beneath them and to the sky and the creatures that fly above. Rejoice in the sunset and think back on your day when the evening ends, always beginning and ending with the gifts given to you by Nature.

We are the quiet ones, the silent workers that keep your planet alive. We are the life blood that flows through your world bringing it life. Come and sit in our glens and listen to the Nature Spirits as they work to make your world a better place.

I am Pan, the one who lives in this place I call home, the world that exists between yours and mine. I live and I am who I am... because I do what I have to. I know that everything is connected to each other and only through this connection can we all survive.

I can be heard on clear nights when the wind carries my song through the trees. I can be seen when the dawn breaks in the trees... as the first light hits the branches. You may see me in the dew that lies on the ground at night or in the mist that covers the moors. I am in the light that rises from the sea at dusk and the moon that lights the sky at night. I am wherever you are and am with you whenever you call. I am a part of Nature and will follow her until She no longer exists. Only through Her have you become what you have you become... and that is everything.

I am Pan.