A message from the Elementals

tree spiritStay on your path, because we are the ones you've been searching for.

From deep inside of us, we offer you a way to return to the peace you have lost in your life. Here in our holy place you will find the freedom to become a part of all who want and need to belong to a way of life that was forgotten long ago.

We, the Nature Spirits, will stay together forever, but we wonder what will become of those that don't live here in our world. Will they ever have the chance to feel that deep love for all living things? We know that this feeling has once again brought you back to our world and to the ones that live inside it.

We are a tiny group of beings, or Nature Spirits as you call us, which exist to bring you a deeper understanding of what has been lost in your confused world.

When the world was new we were like a light that was always shinning, even in the darkest places. We controlled these places and became for those that believed in us, a safe place for their dreams.

When you believe in us, what is real and what is hidden in your mind will come together.

We never change because we are... what we are. We try to get your attention, to make you see us, but only a few of you are able to enter our world; a world always so close to you, yet you still never see.

Why do we care how you feel about us? Because we are, were, and shall always be beings that need just a moment with you to once again be what we were before, everything that was new and green and golden at the beginning of many different millenniums throughout countless ages in time.

Ask us anything and we will answer you because you need us as much as we need you. Look deep inside and we will be there, always waiting to serve and to make you feel new again. We are the ones that are always around you, but you just don't recognize us.

If you look, you can find us in everything you see; in the trees, the soil and everything that belongs to the earth, the sky, and the sea. We are in the rain that falls, the clouds, the dawn and the stars. This is who we are and we are here to serve you.

We want you to enjoy everything that we give you but only ask that you believe that we exist in your world.

We do our part in bringing growth to every thing and we will still be here when everything is gone. When everything else is gone, only Nature will remain.

We are timeless, and through us will grow, like a new flower, the beauty, and grace of all the earth.

The only thing we ask is to be remembered by all of you who share this space with us.

(I ask this question in my head.. .) "Why don't you come out more often so more people can see you?" (Their answer.. .) "We are here all the time, but no one sees us". (Here, they are talking to me because I am listening to them.) We send you love because you have seen us but we need more (of you) to understand.

When Mother Nature decides who will stay and who will not, all of mankind won't be able to escape her anger. She is your Mother, She is our Mother, She is Mother Nature to everyone and everything on Earth. Respect her and return to her. She opens her arms to everyone; come into her arms and feel her warmth and her beauty.

We, as Nature Spirits in both yours and her world, honor her. She will outlive you all because She is the only one that can give you what you need to support your people. She lives in all places and She will live for all time. We send you her love and the love of all "beings".

Return often to Nature and be blessed because Nature is all things and you are only one. To forget her will only lead you to the path of being without her.

We give you everything, so please give us your understanding and our right to live.

Go in love and remember we will provide everything you need.

We honor you and send you on your way, trusting that you will tell everyone that does not believe in us about what you have learned.

We are always here, now and forever. Come to us again soon because the beauty of all things, happen in us. We remain, The Spirits of Nature.

As you can see, Nature wants only that we recognize that it exists. We need only to look around us to see that Mother Nature is here, giving us everything we need to survive. Without her we would not, could not, exist.

We take Nature for granted because it is always there, but what if it wasn't? What if Mother Nature decided we no longer should be part of her world? Most of us have never thought about this because we take what Mother Nature provides for granted. We just assume that the flowers will bloom in the spring, the vegetables will grow in the summer, and the apple trees will give us apples in the fall. That is just how it works, how it has always worked and how, we assume, it will continue
to work forever.

In reading this web site you may learn that what you believe will last forever may not after all. That Mother Nature is getting annoyed with us and unless we "shape up” and recognize that her world exists, what we take for granted may no longer be there.

You have read that Nature only wants to be seen, to be noticed and acknowledged. This doesn't seem all that hard to me, in fact it seems like a reasonable request when you realize all that Nature provides us.

As you continue to read the different passages you will understand just what part each Elemental Being has in providing for all of us here in our world. You will realize the effort and love that is given to each of us here and the importance of each Elemental and the jobs they have chosen. The lessons they can teach us all will become apparent and through the understanding and acceptance of the Elemental world, we can all live and work together to make our world a more loving and accepting place.

Understanding and believing that other worlds exist within our own can bring back the days when all beings lived together in harmony and peace. To a time when all were accepted and none were ignored; all were equal and everyone worked together to make our world, their world, a place filled with light and love.

Read the book and this web site and discover the world of The Elementals; the Devas, Pan and the Nature Spirits that live among us. I think you will be surprised and delighted and happier knowing that there are others out there that think only of you.

Hopefully, after that, the idea of hugging a tree won't seem that strange to you after all. I wish you luck on your journey of discovery.