Cheri channeling the Nature SpiritsWhat is channeling?

You will get many explanations of what channeling is and how it is done. Some examples are so complicated that after a while you may find your head spinning. To keep this from happening I will try to explain this in the simplest way I can. Here goes:

There are many worlds within our world or the world we see. They are hidden because they are in a different dimension or plane; those “unseen” worlds that lay right alongside  and within ours.

There are beings, some like us and some quite different (like the Nature Spirits) living in these dimensions. Their lives go on just as ours do here.

At times a being or beings in one of these dimensions may wish to speak to another “being” living on one of those worlds or planes. In order to do this they must find those certain “people” who can hear them. Since we can not see these worlds, most people assume they do not exist. Still there are others that believe that they do.

Some teachers use radio frequencies as an analogy to explain how people can hear these messages from other dimensions. I think this is a great way. Like radio frequencies the messages are there… you just can’t hear (or see) them. If you come into the range in which they are transmitted, you can “tune in” and hear the message; leave that area and the message disappears. Even though you can’t hear it anymore, the frequency and message are still there. You have just lost your ability to tune into them because you are out of range. Even more, if you don’t have a tuner, even though you are in that frequency zone, you will not be able to hear the message.

We know that animals can hear things that we can’t. This is because animals can hear higher frequencies than humans can. Just because we can not hear them does not mean that they do not exist. Clearly the animals can hear them so they do exist.

There are some people, which the world likes to call channelers, who can hear messages sent from another plane. Why? …Because they have the ability to “tune” into these other frequencies. No one knows why such people can hear these messages or how they can do this, only that it is possible.

Let’s think of channeling as a cell/mobile phone into another world. The channeler can’t see the person on the other end of the line but they can hear them. They are just as real to them as if they were a friend calling from across town. They can hear them just as clearly and the connection is made whenever they need to communicate. Through them, these beings from another plane, may offer spiritual advice or provide comfort by giving them a message for you from family or friends who have died. They may also, like the Nature Spirits that I channel, provide information about their world and what we can do to help them both survive.

Channeling is not a scary thing, in fact for most channelers it is a natural thing that just evolved. In most cases they didn’t ask for it, it just came to them.

I consider being able to hear or “channel” those other worlds, a gift beyond words and I thank the Universe each day for this gift; a gift to be used only for the benefit of all.